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We choose our artisans one by one based on the quality and originality of their products.

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What is the Inka Market?

A marketplace for the artisans and communities of the Peruvian Andes that enables them to share their arts and crafts with the rest of the world. Learn more.

Quality Textiles

We make available a collection of high quality textiles made of luxury alpaca fiber using traditional Andean weaving techniques.

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Handcrafted Jewelry

Our artisans work with 950 silver and natural colors derived from stones and sea shells to create beautiful jewelry.

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Ceramic Art

Handcrafted using fine clay and natural or artificial colors, we make available pottery items in a mix of traditional and modern styles.

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Everyday Crafts

From slippers to ponchos, and from placemat to mugs and vases, we make available a variety of skillfully handcrafted items for everyday use.

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Modern reproductions of emblematic patterns from the Inka, Nazca and other Peruvian cultures.

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