Andean Textiles

Handcrafted traditional textiles of the finest quality

The families from communities in the Cuzco province that we work with produce some of the highest quality handcrafted textiles that can be found in the region. The fine and detailed weaving, the handmade dyes from plants, and the harmonious design make these textiles transcend weaving; they are pieces of art.

  • Maria Bozelou's picture

    The perfect shawl!


    I am really excited with this purchase! The material, mostly alpaca, is really high quality; the thread is very fine and it is soft at the touch, more than I would expect from a woven product. The colors come from natural dyes and yet they are more vivid than I expected. Skillfully made by someone who clearly knows the craft, the color and pattern combination is really successful; it's a real delight on the eyes. As a cloth it is versatile and it is warm enough to wear instead of a light jacket. Beautiful as it is, I may be using it for decorating the wall above my bed in the summer.

    The service was excellent as always.