Peruvian alpaca poncho "Rainbows and Stars"

Peruvian alpaca poncho "Rainbows and Stars"


A beautiful example of a Peruvian poncho implementing a harmonious design with a modern feeling, while featuring traditional design patterns. It has been handcrafted by artisans from the Chahuaytire community employing traditional weaving techniques.



There are two dominant design patterns in this poncho. Rainbows decorate its middle and its edges, while the green, rhombus-shaped patterns represent the stars. Other patterns depict the pawns of the pumas, and the Apus (mountains) in a zig-zag formation that symbolizes the union of dualities as perceived in the Andean traditions.

Like most Peruvian ponchos, it is made by joining two separately woven pieces.



This poncho is made with soft, quality alpaca yarn. Sometimes, the design patterns that stand out (such as the stars, the mountains and the pawns of pumas) are made with sheep wool.

All yarn has been dyed with natural, handcrafted colors:

  • Variations of blue come from the indigo plant.
  • Variations of green come from the chillka plant.
  • Variations of yellow come from the q'olle plant.
  • Variations of red, orange and purple come from the cactus insect cochineal.


Additional reinforcement

The neck features a beautiful string reinforcement that ensures that the two pieces will not split apart with use. The option to add similar string reinforcement all around the poncho is available for an additional cost. The reinforcement adds extra strength to all sides making it less likely to incur accidental damage, such as tearing, resulting in a better quality poncho that will last longer.



This poncho comes in two sizes:

  • Medium, 150 - 155 cm (59.06 - 61.02") length by 110 - 115 cm (43.31 - 45.28") width.
  • Large, 175 - 180 cm (68.90 - 70.87") length by 110 - 115 cm (43.31 - 45.28") width, with larger neck opening as well.

All the above dimensions are without the fringe. The fringe is between 8 cm (3.15") and 15 cm (5.91") long.

It is possible to implement smaller ponchos for kids and teenagers upon request.

Natural alpaca textiles should be handwashed in cold water using mild detergent. Let them dry on a flat surface so that they don't loose their shape.

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Alpaca roaming at Kinsa Cocha

About the alpaca fiber

Alpaca is the natural fiber that is derived from the hair of the Alpaca camelid, a species native to the Andes that lives between 3,500 and 4,500 meters altitude. The indigenous people in the Peruvian Andes have been harvesting the alpaca fiber for thousands of years in order to create a variety of handmade textiles. Good quality alpaca produces luxurious textiles that are famed for being lightweight, warm, strong, hypoallergenic, and for having water and fire resistance qualities.

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