Silver ring "Mother Earth - 5 Colors"

Silver ring "Mother Earth - 5 Colors"


A silver ring decorated with a spiral that for the indigenous people of the Andes symbolizes the "Pachamama" or "Mother Earth". It is handcrafted with 950 silver (95% pure silver). The colors are natural pigments derived from stones (blue, green) and sea shells (purple, white, yellow, red).



The ring top is 1.5 cm in diameter. The ring itself can be adjusted to accommodate different finger sizes to certain extend, but you should mention the desired size when placing an order.

950 silver contains a very high percentage of pure silver which is malleable in nature and it should to be handled with care to avoid scratches. It can be washed with cold or hot water, detergent and a soft fabric such as cotton.

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    Beautiful jewelry and it was difficult to make a decision what to buy. This Pachamama (Mother Earth) set (ring and earrings) was one of my favorites. High quality silver in a charming 5 color combination with sea shells and precious stones.

    Similar can be found at street markets, at a cheaper price but not always genuine. They might be plated or may have lower percentage in silver, while the jewelry at Pisac Kolke is guaranteed 950 silver.

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What is 950 silver?

Pure silver is very soft by its nature and it cannot be easily used to craft jewelry. An alloy that consists of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals (usually copper) is most commonly used for making jewelry - this is called "sterling silver". Our artisans use "950 silver" which is an alloy consisting of 95% silver and 5% of copper or other metals and which is one of the highest silver standards used for crafting jewelry that is currently in use.

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