Porcini mushroom gourmet mix, wild, dried and mature

Porcini mushroom gourmet mix, wild, dried and mature


The "porcini mushroom gourmet mix" contains 4 varieties of wild mushrooms harvested in the forests of the high Andes at around 3000m altitude (or higher). The mushrooms are collected by people from the local communities. They are dried according to international standards and then mature for 1 year in a natural environment in the mountains for one year using traditional European and Andean techniques. The result is a unique, rich flavor that any mushroom lover will appreciate.


Varieties included

The following four varieties of wild grown mushrooms are included in the mix. A minimum of 90% is porcini varieties.

  • Boletus
  • Porcini
  • Native white
  • Native brown


Usage instructions

The mushrooms should be rehydrated and cooked for a few minutes before eaten. If this is already part of the recipe you are cooking, such as in a sauce or a soup, there is no need to do it separately.

The quantity that you should use may vary depending depending on the recipe and personal preference. An average portion per person is 10 grams. A 10 gram potion is equivalent to 160 grams of fresh mushrooms.

Keep in a cool, dry place protected from direct sunlight. Once opened preserve in an airtight container. The mushrooms can be preserved for long time. Their flavor may become stronger as time passes by.

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