The Golden Silver Touch collection

The Golden Silver Touch collection
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Here at The Golden Silver Hands we constantly scout the region, looking out for new artisans and quality, handcrafted products. From the busy markets of Cuzco and Pisac, to the most remote villages in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes, there is always something interesting and new to encounter.

At times we may find products that stand out from the rest. They may be exceptionally well crafted items. Products that are unique in their design and implementation, difficult to encounter and difficult to reproduce. Items of special cultural significance. Handcrafted items that have this extra "shine" that carries all the artistry and love that their creators have put into them. This is what we call "The Golden Silver Touch".

We have started The Golden Silver Touch collection with 2 items.

A large ceramic salamanca, the "Golden Salamanca", by Iturriaga Arts. It is unique in its design, featuring an exceptionally rich compilation of traditional Inka patterns that are encased within a golden embrace.

Ceramic masterpiece "Golden Salamanca"

And a beautiful, 100% alpaca poncho, the "Rainbow Garden", handcrafted by a Quechua-speaking woman from the Huilloc Community. It also features a colorful, exceptionally rich compilation of traditional patterns of Inka origin. It is a unique creation that is unlike all other ponchos that we have seen in the communities.

Alpaca masterpiece poncho "Rainbow Garden"

We do not price the products in The Golden Silver Touch collection higher; we set the prices to what they would normally be if they were not part of the collection. However, due to the fact that they are top quality products that most likely require a lot of time to craft by hand (several weeks in many cases), paying attention to detail and using quality materials, they may naturally be more expensive than other products that we make available at the Ya Market.

Products in The Golden Silver Touch collection would not be items for everyday use in most cases. Due to their uniqueness and quality craftsmanship they may be of special interest to collectors. You can follow The Golden Silver Touch collection by clicking on the "follow" button on its dedicated page, after signing in. By doing so, you will receive notifications when new items are added to the collection. New additions may also be announced in dedicated blog posts, or in our monthly newsletter.

Have a look at The Golden Silver Touch collection and let us know your thoughts via our enquiry form, or simply by commenting on this post.

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